Truck Deck Info

Full Lotus has been building quality and high value truck decks since 2005. We know there are many decks on the market to choose from, but we want to show you why Full Lotus Truck Decks are THE CLEAR CHOICE!

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So what makes a Full Lotus truck deck so much better than the competition?


Let’s start with the design of a Full Lotus truck deck. When we started out designing our truck decks we wanted them to be strong enough to hold snowmobiles or ATVs without the decking on them. We did this because we didn’t want to rely on our decking to be the strength of our decks.

Our competitors rely on the wood decking to give them torsional and vertical strength, in order to hold the machines. Think of it like a cardboard box: before you seal one end on it, it has no strength and falls over. We did not want to rely on our decking for strength because we did not want to use wood on our decks. So we came up with a channel system that runs the length of our decks, like frame rails on your car or truck. We then use 2″ square tubing cross wise to complete the “box” design. After we have created the “box” we then put cross pieces which run parallel to the “frame” channels to tie everything together. This is why we can put a 4500lb excavator on our decks and not affect the strength whatsoever.


Once we decided on the design of the Full Lotus truck deck, we needed to decide on the best method to build a Full Lotus truck deck. So we began designing and building a precision alignment jig which ensured each deck would be identical time after time. Using precision jigs is the only way to properly build a product such as this. Each component of the deck was then drawn on the computer and assigned a part number for both inventory and quality control.


Once we completed our jigs and drawings for each component we were ready to start the welding process. We choose to TIG weld the structural parts of our decks. We feel this method is the best choice for the high stress points of our truck decks for several reasons:

  • Gives a much cleaner looking weld
  • Is a far stronger weld than any other
  • Ensures a proper connection between the two components
  • Our welders are ticketed TIG welders

At Full Lotus, it is our thought that if we use the best techniques available to create your truck deck, you will be far happier and we won’t have to worry about your deck cracking or failing on you. After all, we use our truck decks too!


When it came to decking material, like the rest of our deck construction, we did our research. We did not want to use wood, because wood is not a good material to have exposed to water, snow and mud. In this day and age it makes absolutely no sense to use a product that will warp and rot in the harsh elements that we all expose our truck decks to.

Here is where we had an advantage. Due to some forethought and planning we did not need to rely on the decking material to give us strength, so we could use a material that would not be affected by mother nature. We decided to go with a 3/4″ composite plastic sheeting, again much more expensive than the competitors’ wood decks, but we only have to put it on once and it will last the life of the deck which to us made perfect sense. It has proven to be an excellent choice.


Again with strength and long term durability in mind, we wanted to make sure that our headache rack and slide out sides were extremely strong. We evaluated the market and saw that everyone was using 1/8 sheet metal, or thin extrusion on their slide out sides. We don’t feel that is adequate for the abuse of running a sled or quad up against the side, so we designed a C-channel that would allow us to weld our slide out bars directly to it and also allow us to put a sturdy guide rail on top of it. This ensures that you have something you can run your ski along or bump your tire into without the fear of damaging your slide out. This guide rail also allows you to side load your ATVs. We carried the same philosophy into our headache rack design. In addition, both the headache rack and side rails are powder-coated for protecting the product and enhancing the look of the sled deck.


Our ramp systems are an 11′ telescoping system design using our C-channel for strength. We wanted to make sure that our ramps had guides up the entire length of the unit. This eliminates the possibility of riding off the side of the ramp when loading on to your Full Lotus truck deck. We paired this with the Super Glide material and we ended up with an extremely strong and versatile ramps system.


You don’t have to be an engineer to appreciate the design of our decks versus any other deck on the market. You don’t have to be an engineer to see the strength that we build into each deck. The thought and precision that has gone into the design and build of each Full Lotus truck deck will be appreciated by our customers year after year.