Sand Blasting

What is Sandblasting?

  • All products need to be prepared for the powder application to adhere to the metal - this is called Sandblasting
  • It is a very fast and efficient method of removing old paint, casting material and coatings from an object by propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity through a nozzle which quickly leaves the surface clean and ready to powder coat
  • Sandblasting eliminates 99% of any issues you may encounter when applying the powder

Why Sandblast?

  • The sandblasting process cleans and primes a surface improving the adhesion, anti-corrosion and durability of the powder coating finish
  • Imperfections are loosened, removing dirt, grease, oil, contaminants and can be washed off easily
  • Fast and economical way to save time with cleaning, resurfacing, painting
  • Brings life back to your material and makes it look like new
  • The end result will be a smooth surface that will be easy to resurface or repaint

What materials can be Sandblasted?

  • Steel, iron, aluminum, glass, copper, brass, metal, wood, concrete, brick
  • Structural steel, castings, pipe fitting, auto body parts, fabricated parts
  • New parts to remove rust, glues, stains, paints

What is the Sandblasting process?

  • Sandblasting is confined to a protected area
  • The user wears proper safety equipment
  • Once the machine is prepared, the trigger is depressed on the nozzle and sand shoots from it at high speeds towards the object creating a clean surface

Sandblasting is available at our shop even if you are not having your parts coated by Full Lotus Recreational Decks