Powder Coating Info

What is Powder Coating?

Instead of applying paint in a wet state, Powder Coating is a dry powder used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint by baking the parts in a high temperature oven. There is no need to wait for the paint to dry and can be handled as soon as it comes out of the oven and cools down. The powder coating process is a high quality, durable and extremely resistant surface that bonds directly to metal withstanding a variety of weather and years of use!

Why Powder Coat?

  • It is more resilient because it adheres to metal objects better than a wide variety of other conventional paint or liquid coating
  • Extends product life by providing more resistance to fading, scratching, chipping and wearing than other finishes
  • Can be applied to intricate surfaces and maintain a uniform finish on the piece without paint sagging, dripping or running
  • Very resistant and can stand up to extreme weather conditions and corrosion keeping its polished look
  • Requires much less upkeep, wash with light soap and water
  • Does not involve harmful solvents
  • Unlimited color choices
  • Long lasting and an extremely durable finish
  • In general, powder coating has a longer life expectancy than paint!

What can be Powder Coated?

  • Any metal objects that have an electrostatic charge that can withstand high heat
  • Parts made from aluminum, brass, steel, copper, bronze and titanium
  • Many items can be powder coated including automobile parts, bike parts, bumpers, gates and fences, patio furniture, shelving, and light fixtures

What is the Powder Coating Process?

  • Some parts require some masking before powder coating. Masking is used to make designs, logos, creating a multi-color surface
  • Apply the powder coating by spraying the powder using an electrostatic gun causing a electrostatic charge adhering the powder to the metal
  • After the parts are coated with powder and inspected for entire surface coverage, they are baked in a proper temperature range for a certain length of time
  • The oven heat adheres the powder to the object creating a very hard, durable, tough finish
  • After the parts are baked and cooled they will be ready to handle