Powder Coating FAQ

What is the turn around time?

Turnaround time varies depending on size, volume and color of the project. Custom colors are special order and required more lead time. We try to insure timely completion and work with our customers to meet their orders.

FLRD completes all jobs in the order they are received, while offering timely turn around and while working with our customers to meet their timeline. Getting your parts done on time and right the first time is our main priority! Of course, if the need arises we will notify you if your project is delayed. FLRD's main goal is quality and not to rush a job, completing the job as if it was our own.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Cash.

Do you offer pick up and deliver service?

Yes, $25 each direction for Vernon, $100 round trip for Kelowna and Kamloops.

What is the maximum size and weight you can sandblast or powder coat?

Our oven is 30 feet long and 10 feet high. If your job consists of large parts or quantities, our oven can handle it! Our oven allows us to run large quantities of jobs more efficiently and faster.

What is the minimum size job you accept?

No job is too small! The key is to get as many parts together that are to be powder coated the same colour to ensure a faster turn around time and keep the price low.

What type of materials do not work for powder coating?

Materials are exposed to oven temperatures in excess of 400 degrees, therefore the part should be some sort of metal. Materials such as rubber, plastic, and wood would burn or melt.

Which colours do you have in stock?

Flat Black, Mirror White, XP Black Santex, XP Carbon Black and clear coat finish.

What if you don’t have the colour in stock?

FLRD has a large range of colours and different finishing coats. Special order colours will incur an additional charge to cover cost and shipping and may increase lead time.

Are all the colours the same price?

No, stock colours are less expensive than special-ordered colours. Powders such as textured powders, metallic, and candies are more expensive because of their properties.

What if I want to use more than one colour?

Not a problem! There is an additional set up charge for each colour used. Multiple colours are more labour intensive due to masking off the places that are different colours, increasing the price. Refer to the pricing guidelines for more details and phone us at 778-475-4009 to discuss!

What if I have areas that I don’t want coated?

FLRD uses high temperature tapes to mask off areas and plugs to fill threaded holes that do not need to be powdered.

Do parts have to be cleaned?

FLRD sandblasts and inspect every part we received, to keep the price down your part should be clean. Prices will be affected by conditions of the parts, and excessive rust or corrosion will increase sandblasting charges when required.

Can you powder coat parts that have been previously wet spray painted or previously treated?

Yes, sandblasting will remove previously used finishes on the part leaving bare metal for your new look!

Do you remove tires?

FLRD only accepts wheels with no tires, wheel weights or valve stems. Wheels should be cleaned as best as possible to avoid additional charges and have a faster turn around time.

Do you charge for shipping and packaging?

Depending on the project, and if the job is being shipped to another location, yes FLRD will charge shipping and packing. Shipping and packaging price varies depending on the size of project and delivery address. If the customer drops off and picks up job they are responsible for protecting the finished product when they leave FLRD premises.

What if your finished product doesn't meet my expectations when I pick up the job?

Please make sure you inspect your part(s) before leaving FLRD premises. FLRD cannot be responsible for damages once the part has left the premises or been delivered. If you discover something is wrong with your part(s) we will do whatever we can to make it right with no additional charge.

What if your finished product doesn't meet my expectations when it has been shipped?

FLRD wraps and protects your parts before shipping which is an additional charge. All products are shipped with a tracking code for you to track your shipment. Once your parts arrive please inspect the product immediately and notify us the day of arrival if there is any damage. The customer is responsible for sending pictures of the damaged product and shipping container. FLRD cannot be responsible for any damages that occur once the part has been removed from its package.