Colours & Finishes

This is the one of the most challenging parts of the powder coating process: choosing the colour(s), texture and gloss level to create the perfect finish for your project! It is important to decide which powder is right for your project in order to keep your powder coating finish in good shape.

Powder Products

  • Epoxy – are used when corrosion prevention and adhesion is required the most; under-body automotive, appliances, factory equipment. They are not UV stable, epoxy coatings must be top coated if used outside or will develop a whitish haze
  • Hybrid – they are not UV stable, used for interior applications only
  • Acrylic – typically clear coat on materials with good clarity providing a highly chip-resistance hard surface
  • Fluoropolymer– are best for exterior weatherability, UV stable offering durability for year to come

Different Types of Colours

  • Regular solid colours - come in all the different gloss levels
  • Chrome – unique look but REQUIRES clear coating to prevent oxidation leaving a horrible finish similar to unprotected bare aluminum
  • Candy Colours – translucent colours and must have either a silver or chrome powder base coat or actual chrome plated or polished finish
  • Clear coats - protects the finish adding depth and luster to the surface
  • Glitter color
  • Metallic
  • Transparents

Powder Coating Finishes

  • Semi-Gloss
  • Hi-Gloss
  • Flat
  • Smooth
  • Textures, Veins & Wrinkles – texture you can see and feel and can provide some grip and traction

FLRD has access to a large selection of powder coating colors and finishes; view powder coating colors and find a color that will make your item stand out above all the rest!!

Quick turnaround time for FLRD in stock colors: Flat Black, Mirror White, XP Black Santex, XP Carbon Black. Custom colors are special order and required more lead time. Customer takes full responsibility with custom color choice and outcome.