• •Prices are to be used as a guideline only, and will depend on the amount of the work involved
    • •Every job is priced on size, condition, quantity, parts and type of finish on your project
    • •Prices will be affected by conditions of the parts to be coated - excessive rust or corrosion will increase sandblasting charges when required
    • •Prices cannot be confirmed until the actual parts have been seen in person
    • •Powder Coating pricing is for single stage coatings in stock colors
    • •Special order colors will incur an additional charge to cover cost and shipping and may increase lead time
    • •Prices include abrasive blasting, thread masking, stripping, cleaning, degreasing and coating parts for single color
    • •Prices cover standard processing unless otherwise noted. In the event that additional processing is required (ex. sanding, multiple washing, re-coating etc.) due to an unforeseen condition, the quoted work estimate pricing will be adjusted accordingly
    • •Clear coating of any part adds approximately 50% to the price, multi-stage coatings add approximately 50% per stage
    • •Color change is an additional $30 and may increase lead time
    • •Clear coat is REQUIRED over most chrome, metallics, silver and certain additional colors
    • •It is recommended metallic colors get a clear coat
    • •Additional charges for RUSH jobs - prices to be determined based on project and turn around time
    • •Prices are minimums and subject to change without notice
    • •A quotation is accepted within 30 days from original estimate date


Please note that the prices are a guide price only to give you an idea of what you may expect to pay. All prices listed include standard pre-treatment (for example blasting or degreasing, masking, primed and finally the top coat). Prices are subject to change.

Pick up, delivery, shipping and packaging is an additional charge.

Please call 778.475.4009 for pricing.

Automotive \\\ \\\ Bicycles \\\
Bumpers Standard Front Starting at $150 Small - 19" and below Starting at $100
Center Brush Guard Only Starting at $125 Medium - 20" BMX Size Starting at $150
Truck Bumper Starting at $150 Large - 22" and up Starting at $200
Custom Off-Road Bumpers Starting at $250 Fenders minimum charge and higher
Winch Bumpers Starting at $200 Forks - all sizes minimum charge and higher
Fender - Front Starting at $50 Handlebars minimum charge and higher
Fender - Rear Starting at $50 Hubs minimum charge and higher
Trailer Hitch Starting at $75 Rims - 24" and below Starting at $50
Running Boards Pickup/SUV Set Starting at $190 Rims - 26" and up Starting at $75
Windshield Wiper Arms - Pair Starting at $35 Seat Mount Starting at $250
Headache Racks Starting at $75 Swing Arm - With Frame Starting at $175
Fuel Tanks Starting at $175 Swing Arm - Without Frame Starting at $50
Tool Boxes Starting at $150 Tricycles
Snowmobile Parts Small Starting at $50
Front A Arms Starting at $125 Medium Starting at $75
Front Spindles Starting at $65 Large Starting at $125
Rear Skid Rails - Pair Starting at $65 Wagon Wheels
Bumper - Front Starting at $30 4" diameter Starting at $30
Bumper - Rear Starting at $30 6" Starting at $40
Ski Brackets Starting at $30 8" Starting at $50
Front Shock Springs Starting at $30 12" Starting at $60
ATV Products Wheel Size - Each
ATV Frame Starting at $200 14" Starting at $70
Rear Bumper - Small Starting at $75 15" Starting at $80
Rear Bumper - Large Starting at $125 16" Starting at $90
Front Bumper Starting at $125 17" Starting at $100
Shock Springs minimum charge and higher 18" Starting at $120
Small Bumper Starting at $50 19" Starting at $130
Sprockets Starting at $45 20"+ Starting at $140
Sub Frame Starting at $45 Center Only - Each Starting at $60
Swing Arm Starting at $100 Center Only - Set of 4 Starting at $200
Wheel Hubs - Each Starting at $70
Wheels - Each Starting at $70