Following are FLRD Terms and Conditions of sale for quotation, production and service.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Terms & Conditions

  • Quotations are based on the accuracy of the work seen in person. FLRD can requote a job if the material does not conform to the initial estimate on which the original quotation was based. FLRD does not and cannot assume responsibility for the determination of the physical properties of your parts prior to processing or any condition uncovered during processing.
  • The customer is responsible for determining if his product is capable of withstanding our processing.
  • All parts submitted for powder coating must be capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures.
  • High temperatures may result in distortion of the parts, cracking, broken joints, melting, etc. and customer must inform FLRD if material has been soldered together
  • FLRD will not be responsible for any disassembly of parts prior to sandblasting/coating or assembly of parts after coating. The customer is responsible for having the product prepared for sandblasting/coating
  • Customer must remove all plastics and foreign materials from product and parts free of excess dirt, oil, grease, plastic, rubber bearings before drop off or work will not be completed
  • FLRD is not responsible for deformation of metal
  • Cast parts; aluminum/chrome/magnesium plated parts may experience out gassing - FLRD will take every precaution to avoid this but cannot be held responsible for any bubbling caused by metal, porous castings or clad items
  • Masking will be completed per written instructions provided by the buyer - FLRD will not be responsible for masking areas not indicated on a print or other drawing.
  • Colour may not turn out like colour on display due to different material and thickness. A colour chip is used to simulate how the powder coated piece will look. Due to differences in equipment, the paper ink chip is displayed on, and other conditions a minor variation in colour can occur on the completed job
  • Customer takes full responsibility with custom colour choice and outcome. FLRD requires customers' signature prior to ordering custom colours and takes full responsibility with custom colour choice and powder coating colour outcome. Once a custom colour quote becomes an order, the customer is responsible for any fees incurred by a change, cancellation and shipping charges
  • FLRD is not responsible for customer’s normal or abusive wear and tear once powder coated and taken from premises
  • Once work begins FLRD requires compensation for incurred cost and related obligations if the customer cancels their order
  • Payment is due upon completion of the order unless approved credit has been established. If customer fails to make final payment FLRD reserves the right to hold the order until payments are made. FLRD will not be responsible for orders held over 30 days without payment.
  • A quotation is accepted within 30 days from original estimate date